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About Trish

My Business Story


How it all began…..

With a background in hairdressing, interior design  & a longstanding passion for photography, it was only natural that they would eventually  meld together & form the ultimate creative outlet that I now call “Trish Evans Photography”.

This started out as a simple instagram page where I would style flatlays &  small vignettes around my home & photograph them, really, just to distract myself from the slow progress that was being made in the renovation of our 110yr old home. The more I did, the more I wanted to learn. Even now I still feel as though this journey has only just begun.

Whilst I am based in the Hunter Valley NSW I have been  known to discuss travel,I mean really, who doesn’t love adding an adventure to their day. I can come to your  workplace & capture your business from the best angle or you can simply send your products via courier to have them beautifully styled & photographed in my studio. It couldnt be any easier, no matter where you are located in Australia.

I enjoy telling the entire story of a business, a family or a fabulous location & making you & your clients smile every time they look at your website & social media pages. You can learn more about how easy  it is to have fabulous images of your products here

If you are a blogger or a service based business or needing a little something extra to make your feed more interesting then why not check out our styled stock library that,s coming very soon. You can sign up to our email list on our home page.


Who Am I

I’m a mum to 4 amazing children, all very different individuals to one another. I have three gorgeous daughters & what I would say is a very handsome son, if you met him I’m sure you would agree.You may see my family  star in my images from time to time, they make fabulous, albeit reluctant models & brand reps.

I have a passion for learning & love to dive into anything new thats thrown at me which might explain why I get so carried away with my styling.I really become inspired with new products & love creating beautiful scenes to highlight your business story.

I love a good adventure & have an enormous travel bucket list. I would love to photograph my way around Australia telling other peoples stories as I go. Whilst they say every photographer should select a genre & stick with that I just don’t have that kind of self control. In a single day I might start with a beautiful sunrise, then photograph breakfast at a fabulous cafe or the family campsite, you may find me laying on the ground capturing a wildflower or showing perspective on just how amazingly tall a tree is on the side of a country road & then head back to the studio to for a styling session. Im like a bowerbird except Im collecting moments not objects.

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